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India. According To Alphie The Growth Of Aarti Drugs Is Not Over.

May 22, 2020 - 14:09 GMT+0000

The company was founded in 1984. Aarti Drugs (ADRG.NS), listed at the Mumbai stock exchange in Indian Rupees, is a pharmaceutical company that offers active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in a range of therapeutic categories, such as anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antidiabetic, sedative and vitamins. The company also offers specialty chemicals and products. According to an internal report, the company’s revenue for 2019 totaled 15.6 billion Indian Rupees. The company’s stock price has been gradually growing since early April and can be found at 842.65 Rupees. The company’s market cap stands at 19.685B.    AlphieTMsuggests going long on the stock and predicts a…

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