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HongKong Stocks, the best Alphie’s picks of 02/10/2018

Ott 2, 2018 - 07:06 GMT+0000

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da Alphie

Today, in the RoboNews dedicated exclusively to the Hong-Kong stock market, our Artificial Intelligence  AlphieTMsignals three stocks. alphiewealth suggests to monitor them this week for their growth tendency. CHINA GLASS is a stock that has risen by 12.68% in the past week, but according to AlphieTM, that run has not ended. Over a 30 days investment horizon,  AlphieTMhas assigned it a probability equal to 56.76%, that within a month there is a good chance the value of this stock could increase up to the predicted target price of 0.74. ASIA SATELLITE TELECOMMUNICATIONS HOLDINGS has gained: 2.48% in the past month and with a probability of 56.75%,…

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